Green & Golden Purslane

August/September Newsletters

Great news on the Farm, list of produce available and health tips…
Please note all produce is non-gmo and chemical free. In addition, we’ll give advise on diet, feature a local medicinal herb and a blog on exercise.


Along with harvest comes preserving. I have been a slave to the drying rack, dehydrator, canner, and freezer this past month. Hope everyone has managed to put some food back for the winter. Now we’re planting the Fall crop.


September will bring okra, luffa gourd, bitter melon, blue lake pole beans, butter beans, black beans, corn, squash, peas, and cucumbers. You can pick up at the farm or at Cathy’s in Cornelia.


The most important part of any diet is timing. It should always be 14 hours between your last and first meal. Example: Supper at 6 p.m.; breakfast at 8 a.m. = 14 hours.


Green Purslane

… is native to this area (North Georgia). It is the primary plant we sell in our bamboo planters. A succulent that is an excellent edible that is high in omega-3, which is very unusual in the plant kingdom.  All parts of the plant above ground, including the stem  are edible and highly medicinal. Suggested use is picking the leaves to garnish on a salad while pickling the stems for later.

Green & Golden Purslane

A rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, Golden Purslane is a heart-healthy herb. It is also known for its benefits to the immune system as a whole, and can be used to ease burns, insect bites, skin ailments, stomach aches, headaches, earaches and more.


Vary your exercise regime with short intense bursts followed by a slower moderate pace. This will mimic the adrenaline response.


Our Giant Bamboo is one of our best sellers. Versatility is limited only by ones imagination. We are adding a new product every other week, limited only by our “free” time. We also offer bamboo poles up to 6″X60′ for arts, crafts , fencing and building. Call for quantities and prices.


Thanks everyone for your support. Join us and we’ll learn together . I have found teaching to be the ultimate learning experience. I strive to learn daily especially herbal medicine. I’m currently in the Doctor of Naturopathy program but helping you is the goal.

See you next month,

Mike Tackett  M.H.


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