New July Newsletter

Great news on the Farm, list of produce available and health tips…

Please note all produce is non-gmo and chemical free. In addition, we’ll give advise on diet, feature a local medicinal herb and a blog on exercise.

Farming is a crap shoot. One plants a seed and prays for good weather. As our 3 yr. drought is brought to an end by these untimely rains, together with a late frost the farmers are suffering, HHH is no exception. However if ones crop is diversified weather unfavorable to one crop will be favored by another, Bitter melon is an example, we have a bumper crop.

Produce available this month are : Beans; Cherokee Black,  White half runner, Blue Lake Pole and butter beans..  Corn: Silver Queen,  Okra, Peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and bitter melons.

You can call for pickup at the farm at a discount or see us at the farmers markets at Gainesville, Flowery Branch, Cresswind and Braselton.

We also opened “Cathy’s Produce and More” on Old Cleveland Hwy. in Cornelia. All produce is picked the day of or the day before the market.

If you want to live, eat live stuff. Example; the potato in your bin that is growing eyes is ALIVE !  Eat it !!!

Plantain; the soldiers herb, natures Neosporin . We have the broad leaf and narrow leaf here, the broad leaf is more medicinal, the seed pods are the main ingredient in Metamucil. As with most herbs it’s properties are too numerous to list. Join one of our classes to learn more.

Outside and barefoot if at all possible. Stretching is the key. One must have a mineral reserve before strenuous exercise. We have all heard of “healthy” athletes who just keel over for no apparent reason, that’s why. Sign up for a health and wellness class to learn more.

Our Giant Bamboo is one of our best sellers. Versability is limited only by ones imagination. We are adding a new product every other week, limited only by our “free” time. We also offer bamboo poles up to 6″X60′ for arts, crafts , fencing and building. Call for quantities and prices.

Thanks everyone for your support. Join us and we’ll learn together . I have found teaching to be the ultimate learning experience. I strive to learn daily especially herbal medicine. I’m currently in the Doctor of Naturopathy program but helping you is the goal.

See you next month,

Mike Tackett  M.H.


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